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AWAKEN is the energetic new album from award-winning Celtic folk-rock fusion band Roving Crows. The four-piece, who have been carving out their niche in the UK folk music scene for more than 10 years, will release their fourth record on Friday 4 March.

AWAKEN captures all of this and more, with the band drawing inspiration from the raw beauty of Irish nature to fuel their writing and recording practice and create something brimming with untethered energy.

The album was created from both sides of the Irish Sea – recorded with Simon O’Reilly in Doolin, County Clare, Ireland and mixed by their own Jim Smith in Malvern, England. The writing and arranging was completed by Caitlin and Paul on the west coast of Ireland, in order to further encapsulate the essence of the wild Atlantic represented in the new tracks, it continues the themes and raw feel of Roving Crows’ last album, Bury Me Naked (2017), focusing on the band’s personal outlook on life. All songs are self-penned with the exception of two sets of traditional tunes, Phoenix and Rise.

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