New single from Roving Crows takes on war, greed and corruptionBring on the Allelujah!

Move Over is a formidable way to start a new musical year and finds the 4 piece that features Paul O’Neill (lead vocals & guitar); Caitlin Barrett (vocals & fiddle); Jim Smith (vocals & bass); Laurence Aldridge (vocals & drums), venting their spleen with a defiant outcry against injustice.

There’s a raw energy and commanding presence that sees O’Neill joining a growling bassline and growling his own opening “Move over, Can’t you leave me alone,” which gives a hint to the manifesto that follows. The stark insistence soon picks up a heavier beat with the fiddle hovering menacingly beneath the surface and the shrill guitar figure.

The Crows’ rootsy folk signature gives way to a stomping and repetitive riff that reinforces the message. Sounds like Roving Crows have been listening to Hawkwind; fellow activists who strive for equality and justice for the downtrodden and oppressed. It’s a confident and eloquent message that’s belted with a fervent passion and dare we suggest, as powerful as anything that’s emerged from the Crows yet. 

We created this song at a time of growing global tensions and conflicts,” says Paul O’Neill. “We stand up against war, oppression and the horrific treatment of humans that we are currently witnessing.  This is not OK and will never be OK.  We are strong advocates of equality and cultural respect and we feel this song reflects our views and vision.” Allelujah to that.

Move Over was recorded and mixed at The Old Cider Press in Pershore by Dave Draper.

– Mike Ainscoe, At the Barrier, Jan. 24

Irish Celtic Punks – Dec 2023

You would think a band in England who play Celtic Folk Rock would make regular appearances on these pages but somehow Roving Crows have passed us by. We’ll try and make up for that in the future! Here’s their new single ‘Dirty Habits’ full of genuine passion, energy and soul and to the start of a beautiful relationship!

It would seem that Roving Crows have been around quite a long time with their debut album Bacchanalia celebrating it’s eleventh anniversary on this years St. Patrick’s day. Described as a “Celtic Rock powerhouse” in RnR magazine Roving Crows have a string of awards behind them including FATEA Music Awards band of the Year, Spiral Awards Best Live Act, International Artist of the Year in the Australian Celtic Music Awards as well as awards for Top Celtic Rock Band and Top Fiddle Player.

Roving Crows are Jim Smith – Bass / Vocals * Paul O’Neill – Guitar / Lead Vocals * Caitlin Barrett – Fiddle / Vocals * Laurence Aldridge – Drums / Vocals *

Their new single is a vibrant, energetic and frenetic new version of Dirty Habits which originally featured on their 2012 debut album. A story of a raucous night out, a take of wild abandon, with

“money in my pocket, burning a hole, where it all will end, nobody knows!”

It’s music to get you in the mood for a wild night out. The video was filmed at the Old Con Club, Malvern, Worcestershire surrounded by fans and friends who contributed massively to the craic witnessed. Filmed and produced by Root Stone Media – the music produced and recorded by Dave Draper.

– Irish Celtic Punks Dec.23

RnR Magazine – May 2022

Celtic Rock powerhouse
“Eminently likeable”
The album provides a richly varied sound that is exciting, exhilarating and also cleverly challenging

– Kevin Burke – RnR Magazine vol.2 no.93 – May 2022

Visit RnR Website.

Liverpool Sound & Vision – Awaken Album – March 2022

“The sound is one of passion, a Celtic infusion and influence”
Roving Crows are undeniably gregarious, prolific, and an agent of stunning urgency”
“An album of great warmth, of lavish style, and fulsome delivery, Awaken is progressive and traditional all once”

– Ian D. Hall – Liverpool Sound & Vision – March 2022
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FATEA – Awaken Album – March 2022

“The bounce is back, and that live feeling has returned to their work.”

-John Reed – FATEA – March 2022
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“The Celtic rock quartet storm back with guns blazing for their fourth album”
-Mike Davies – – March 2022
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Froots – Bury Me Naked – May 2017

“Grabs you by the collar and give you a thorough shaking”
“…cracking psych-coloured instrumental section ‘Fire Sky'”
“…it’ll be a tasty night out.”

– Simon Jones – Froots – May 2017

Folk Phenomena – Bury Me Naked – May 2017

“Great folk rock.”
“…epic Celtic Rock spirituality…”
“They have dragged me out of the chair, unfolded my arms and invited me to dance.”

– blueestai – Folk Phenomena – May 2017
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Shire Folk – Bury Me Naked – April 2017

“…stunning, swirling fiddle that drives the music along.”
“…an excellent cover of ‘Ride On'”
“…a folk rock band and a very fine one at that.”

– Graham Hobbs – Shire Folk – April 2017
Read the full review here. – Bury Me Naked – April 2017

“An adventurous and inspired heady cocktail of Celtic and World music with a social conscience and a beating heart.”

– Mike Davies – – April 2017
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Louder Than War – Bury Me Naked – April 2017

“…an enticing sonic smorgasbord.”
“…a brilliant opening ten minutes…”
“…they are at the top of the tree.”

– Mike Ainscoe – Louder Than War – April 2017
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Songwriting Magazine – Bury Me Naked – April 2017

“Celtic fusion with a keen social conscience”
“Paul O’Neill’s delivery is an earnest vehicle capable of carrying his own tales and the wider issues…”
“they’re a band capable of delivering a uniquely inspiring style.”

– Duncan Haskell – Songwriting Magazine – April 2017
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FATEA – Bury Me Naked – April 2017

“Roving Crows are a band you should not miss – This is folk rock with a conscience, impeccably performed, what’s not to like?”

– Ian Cripps – Fatea – April 2017
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The Guardian – Bury Me Naked – April 2017

“…epic treatment of Ride On…”
“They will do well on the festival circuit.”

– Robin Denselow – The Guardian – April 2017
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FolkAll – Bury Me Naked – April 2017

“You feel it coming and you are like a rabbit in the spotlight.”
“Roving Crows have crammed energy into this album and then slammed the lid shut…”
“…a fascinating album.”

– Danny Farragher – FolkAll – April 2017
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FolkWords – Bury Me Naked – March 2017

FolkWords Album Of The Month March 2017

“…innovative, vivacious, pulsating Celtic folk rock”
“…folk rock in top gear.””…It’s bloody marvellous.”

– Tim Carroll – FolkWords – March 2017
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Northern Sky – Bury Me Naked – March 2017

“…a folk rock statement with a conscience…”
“…the band are unafraid to venture into world rhythms…”

– Allan Wilkinson – Northern Sky March 2017
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Dai Jeffries – Up Heaval EP – R2 Magazine – May/June 2015

“…strip Away Caitlin Barret’s fiddle and you’re left with Paul O’Neill’s excellent rock songs..”
“His lyrics clever and his melodies dynamic.”
“Caitlin’s fiddle may be the crowning glory but Loz Shaw’s bass and inventive drum programming mean that for a trio they make a big sound.””A perfectly balanced record.”

Nancy Dunham – Up Heaval EP – Washington Times – 23/03/15

“…the newly minted three-piece band has a lush, distinctive sound all its own.”
“Standout tracks include the up-tempo opener “Casanova Is Burning” and the haunting title track full of traditionally inspired tones.”
“It would be a mistake not to note the simple acoustics and harmonies on these five original songs. Bottom line: Roving Crows soar.”

Tim Carroll – Up Heaval EP – Folkwords – 08/03/15

“The result portrays not so much a sense of upheaval, more a progression. In fact, it’s perhaps tighter than you might expect for a band that’s just undergone change.”
“There’s more focus on the voices, and although clearly moving into different directions, it still reflects the melodic inspiration and innovation their followers will recognise.”
“Many times I’ve said that a good EP leaves you wanting more. That’s exactly what happens with ‘Up Heaval’.”

David Honigmann – Deliberate Distractions – Financial Times – Dec 2013

“Anglo-Irish folk band Roving Crows bustle with energy, their fiddles and guitar brightened with Mariachi-tinged trumpet”
“Their own songs have an earthy wit: ‘Nancy Valentine’ is a multi-dimensional soap opera, with a young grandmother beset by her ne’er-do-well children.”

Sean McGhee – Deliberate Distractions – R2, Rock’N’Reel – Nov 2013

“Taking time over their brand-new album, Ledbury-based-five-piece Roving Crows have put it to good use. The result is an album strong in production, ideas and confidence.”
“The band’s trademark quirkiness and upbeat energy is still there but it’s tempered by a new realisation that, as a unit, they’re now a formidable musical force.”
“Roving Crows have an album of which they can be justifiably proud.”

Neil King – Deliberate Distractions – FATEA – Nov 2013

“From the opening notes, you know you are going to dive into an album that lives up to its name because I would defy anyone to try and carry out in the most menial tasks whilst having this album on in the background”
“Musically they also seem to box above their weight, creating a veritable wall of sound that would make Phil Spector proud, something that they achieve live as well as in the studio setting”” ‘Deliberate Distractions’ is their best album to date, which considering some of the predecessors, isn’t an easy thing”